Twinsies: the First Documented Identical Twin Dogs Born in South Africa

Photo Credit: Kurt de Cramer

What's cuter than one puppy? TWIN PUPPIES!!

Turns out, no one in veterinary history has ever recorded the live birth of two identical twin puppies. In this case, two Irish Wolfhound pups were born by C-Section when their mother was showing signs of distress during the birthing process.

Up until now, the only species that have given birth to identical twins are humans and armadillos. Identical twins have been seen in other species, like horses, but both twins have never survived.

These babies survived in utero and the c-section, and today are playing like champs. Aside from having almost identical markings, the vet's genetic test confirmed that they are indeed identical twins.

See all the adorable photos in the link below.

BBC. A Dog Has Given Birth to the First Identical Twin Puppies.


Talking to Dogs: It's More Than Just How You Say It

Photo Credit: NY Times

Photo Credit: NY Times

While I was growing up, I had a wonderful dog named Cyndi. She would always come running when we called her name in a sweet sing-songy manner. She would also come running if we called her by other names in that same sing-songy manner. It was pretty clear that she wasn't responding to her name, but to the way we were calling her.

Scientists are digging into why this is. In a new article from the New York Times, they discuss findings from dogs' brain responses while getting an MRI.

"As with people’s brains, parts of dogs’ left hemisphere react to meaning and parts of the right hemisphere to intonation — the emotional content of a sound. And, perhaps most interesting to dog owners, only a word of praise said in a positive tone really made the reward system of a dog’s brain light up."

However, dogs ARE listening to the words you say. If you call your dog "stinky" enough times in a sweet manner, he will assume "stinky" is a word of praise. 

Read all the findings in the article link below.

New York Times. With Dogs, It's What You Say -- and How You Say It.

Me & My Shadow: How to Prevent Separation Anxiety

As much as we love our dogs, we are our dog's whole world. So, when we leave them, they miss us. Life stops. And if your dog is has no "siblings," it's even lonelier.

Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D.'s book I'll Be Home Soon explores separation anxiety and provides some tips that will help your dog when you're away.

One tip: " Teach your dog that wonderful things happen when you walk out the door. The easiest way to do that is to toss treats onto the floor or stuff a hollow toy with food when you act as though you are going to leave the house. But don’t start by walking out and leaving for thirty minutes or an hour."

Explore more ways to alleviate social anxiety in the article link below.

Let's Talk: Preventing Separation Anxiety.

New Hoodies are Starting to Arrive!

Finally! After all our production issues, it feels so good to say: HOODIES ARE ARRIVING!! We got our first batch of Original BatHat Hoodies (lightweight) in Black. And they are shipping now. (Click here to get yours!)

More colors will be arriving over the next couple of weeks. For lightweight Original BatHat Hoodies, we'll also have Red and Aqua available. Both are made with SUPER snuggly Polartec 100. Great for spring and chilly air-conditioned homes! (Note: Red will be available in a very limited supply!)

For our classic Winter BatHat Hoodie, three color combos are coming your way: Blueplum/Corsage, Black/Red, and Navy/Turquoise. Even though they're technically Winter-weight, we know Frenchies who like to wear theirs all year long. 



Well, the last time we listed our hoodies for Fall Pre-Orders, our production was botched and we had lots of back-peddling to do.  We truly do believe these are being made correctly -- as we've seen the production progress first-hand this time. However, we will only be listing products that are in our hands and checked for quality first. 

We just want to guarantee that you guys are getting the best product possible, in a timely fashion. 

Check back again soon for more updates! We can't wait to get shipping!


Original BatHat Hoodies in Black, on sale now!

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New Hoodie Production in Full Swing!

Yesssss... HOODIES! As promised, I'm keeping you all updated about our progress with producing our hoodies. I'm really pleased to say that everything appears to be going smoothly and (fingers crossed), everything will be complete by mid-March. Possibly sooner.

Pattern markers are laid out over fabric to get the best yield from the fabric.

Pattern markers are laid out over fabric to get the best yield from the fabric.

Ever since the disastrous December hoodie production, I knew I couldn't let this happen again.  This time around, I'm working with two small factories here in the US (hooray! Made in USA!). One is in New Hampshire. They have lots of experience working with Polartec fleece (they are only a few miles to the fabric mill, after all!) and also have experience making pet products. 

The other factory is a family-owned operation in Brooklyn. They're handling the bulk of the production, and luckily I can drop in there to help oversee production. The photo to the right is of piles of cut fabric for the Original BatHat Hoodies


WHEN WILL THEY BE DONE?  As of right now, I'm predicting that the solid black Original BatHat hoodies will be ready to ship in the next week or two. The rest of the other hoodies will likely be finished by mid-March. The reason there are different timelines for different colors is because I've split my purchase order across two factories.

Lots of Cut Pieces for Original BatHat Hoodies!

As soon as hoodies are completed and checked by quality control, I will begin to ship them out. Colors and sizes that aren't already sold out will listed on and in our Etsy shop.

I realize that these hoodies are coming to you 4-5 months behind schedule. And for that, I can't apologize enough. Getting a new production off the ground in two months has truly been a miracle... and the factories I'm working with really pay attention to quality. I think you guys will really be happy with the final results.  

Thanks so much for hanging in there! Adorable, super-premium, cozy hoodies will be coming your way very soon!!