When I set out to do Snorf Industries' first production run, I knew I'd have a learning curve. My production manager would help me through all the different phases of production and I'd learn a lot at every phase. Some lessons would be hard, some expensive, but hopefully, all lessons would be good ones.

A suitcase full of patterns.

A suitcase full of patterns.

The image here is a suitcase that I brought with me to the office today, for a meeting with my production manager. Last week, I received a big box of Pre-Production Samples from the factory. It was like Christmas... but then I noticed some mistakes. The kinds of mistakes that I'm not willing to pass along to all of you. 

So I asked to see the sewing patterns. They were transmitted digitally to a pattern printer in the Garment District (a very cool, big space with thousands of patterns being printed for all kinds of designers here in NYC). And within a couple hours, they gave me a big heavy bag with every pattern for every product I made. Pretty amazing how quickly this part of the process can happen -- years ago, I would have needed to wait for paper patterns to be shipped from Colombia.

I opened them up and saw exactly where the pattern-makers went wrong. They added extra fabric around the shoulder/chest that would bunch up. So, I put my foot down and said I'm redoing these patterns. My customers can't receive hoodies based on these designs.

Today, my production manager will review all my revisions (based on the hoodie designs I've always used in custom work) and we will get them back to the factory ASAP. New Production samples will be cut, and if they look good... we go right into production. My production manager will even be flying down to Colombia to help oversee all the little details. 

I know this is not what anyone wants to hear... especially now that it's getting cold out there. Please keep using the sweater or coat you had from last season for a few extra weeks. I promise this will be worth the wait!!

You guys rock for hanging in there -- please give extra belly rubs to your munchkins for me.

~ Dara (& Enzo)