December Production Update!

I promised myself when I began this Kickstarter/Production journey that I'd bring you all along for the ride.
The good stuff. The not-so-good stuff.
Maybe you're in it for the drama, the entrepreneurial adventure, or just to see lots of dogs in hats. 
Whatever your reason, I've loved having you guys here with me.

This week's chapter has a little drama.
In my last update, I mentioned Santa Hats would ship right after Thanksgiving (done!).
Also that Original BatHats and Sports would all be shipping Dec 10-12 (half true now).
Raincoats would also ship right after Thanksgiving (done!).
And I didn't have an exact date for hoodies, but I was hoping to have them in time for Christmas.

Since that update, the following occurred...

  • HATS. The factory let us know at the 11th hour that they didn't have enough Velcro or Elastic trim to finish all the hats in time. They completed half the hats, getting them to me on December 9th. They just shipped the other half of the hats and I'm expecting them early next week. 

  • HOODIES. Communication breakdown. At Thanksgiving, I received a FedEx with (what I thought were) final production samples. I approved them and my production manager told the factory to get started on hoodie production. They thought that meant they should do a second round of production samples for some reason... so the shipment I thought would contain lots and lots of hoodies only included 7 hoodies...
    (Here's where the drama kicks in...)
    My production manager worked her magic with the factory. Apparently, they stopped production on other projects that were in the works and all changed gears to Snorf. As of right now, it looks like hoodies may ship as soon as Monday or Tuesday... which will mean I could have them by the end of next week. (Fingers crossed!)
    This means, I will hopefully be shipping them in the next week or so. The only issue now is that the postal service is totally bogged down by holiday shipping. So, with luck, some of you will have hoodies before Christmas, but some of you may not.

If you are going away for an extended holiday trip and would like me to ship your hoodies to another address (in the same country), or would like me to hold your shipment until January, I am happy to do so. Just let me know at 

I can't say it enough times -- thank you so much for hanging in there!
I know it's been a long time coming, but everything is really turning out great. I think you will all be super happy with your orders. 

Happy Holidays to you and your furbabies!