The week before Christmas, FedEx brought the hoodies ordered by Fall-Preorder customers and Kickstarter backers -- days earlier than expected.  In all my joy, I posted a photo of the 9 giant boxes taking over my apartment with the caption that “Santa Came Early!”

I had to delete the post within the hour.

One of the hoodies with an upside-down pocket.

I think every Kickstarter campaign runner has nightmares about what happened next. While this situation is out of my control, it doesn't make it less devastating.

I started pulling hoodies out of the boxes, quickly finding that the hoods were the wrong shape. This could mean only one thing -- the factory used an older pattern that I'd rejected. On top of this, pockets were sewn crooked and even upside-down, and on some hoodies, the fabric was facing the wrong side out.

As it stands right now, I am going to be receiving a refund on fabric wasted by the factory and for the cost of production. I am hoping to use the same factory that produced the raincoats -- right here in NJ! They did a beautiful job on the raincoats, and I'm sure they will do the same with the hoodies. 

Since I won't be able to easily replace the custom-made Polartec, I've been looking for Polartec available to me. It appears I may even be able to offer more and new colors this time around! Sit tight -- I'll post them once they're finalized. 

How does this happen? Well. Seeing as I approved two rounds of pre-production samples made PERFECTLY (10 pieces total), this really shouldn’t have happened. However, I did make changes to final patterns two times before production. I caught several mistakes each time -- and couldn't let them slide by.

I won't have new delivery dates available until I firm up production dates locally. You have my word that those dates will be shared the moment I know them!!