New Beginnings and Endings.

With just 24 hours to go until the end of Snorf Industries' Kickstarter campaign, I can't help but reflect on all beginnings and endings that are happening simultaneously. 

This Monday marked a new chapter in Snorf's history, hitting 100% of our Kickstarter goal around 5:30am on March 23rd.
Knowing Kickstarter will actually deliver our funds definitely puts my mind to rest a little... okay. A LOT. Hahaha! 

This campaign has been one of the most exhausting, challenging undertakings of my adult life. I was totally "that kid" who had a million ideas, but finished almost none of them. So, reaching this goal has certainly felt like a big accomplishment -- and I truly have all of you to thank. 


The end of the campaign also marks the beginning of my first adventures into the world of manufacturing. I've already learned a LOT about what is required of launching your first production run, but there will still be lots to learn. And I will keep you guys posted all along the way. 


Also, last week marked the (temporary) end of my serger. The machine I made all those hats and hoodies on this fall & winter. Truly, it's a machine designed for hobbyists... not daily use... but WHO KNEW I'd have hundreds of orders this fall/winter season??? I certainly had no idea when I bought it last August. It's been good to me, but it will be down in Tennessee with the good people at Brother getting fixed.

In the meantime, I ordered a new machine. A fancy Juki serger. I expedited its delivery, excited to get started with it and get my orders out the door on time. Then, after six hours and some frustrating phone calls, I realized my brand new machine arrived to me BROKEN. 

So, to those of you who are waiting on Etsy Orders -- my sincerest apologies. Three sergers later, I finally have the equipment necessary to make your delicious hats, hoodies, and Bullovers. 

As the campaign winds down, I prepare for my inevitable return to the world of advertising (probably as a freelancer... there are a lot of hats, hoodies, T-shirts, and raincoats to get done!). It's strange to think that I left my full-time job and my career for a whole FOUR MONTHS! But luckily, the business is still pretty much the same. 

And the most obvious beginning I should mention -- this blog! Check here for updates about how the Kickstarter is coming, cool/funny new things that we find, heartwarming stories, and the inside scoop on new products. 

Thanks so much for all your incredible support. I am so genuinely touched by all the love you guys have shown Snorf Industries. WE DID IT!!!


Dara (& Enzo)