The Online Store Emerges!

A screenshot of our new Online Store! (A work in progress...)

A screenshot of our new Online Store! (A work in progress...)

We're launching our new online store...
....just in time for summer! 

(Unless you're from Australia or Argentina... in which case, our seasonal timing is actually pretty spot-on.)

We'll always keep a presence on Etsy... after all, it's where Snorf Industries got its start. And we love Etsy customers -- they're always so cool and creative and fun. 

However, one challenge we've always had with Etsy is how to take custom orders. Etsy only allows sellers to list two different customization options (like size and color) at checkout. With our own online store at, we can list as many categories as we want! Plus, we can tack on customization forms to orders - allowing you guys to plug in your dog's measurements before checkout. It makes the whole process a lot smoother... and definitely better than asking everyone to go to a Google Form survey after paying. 

We haven't listed all our items yet. Right now, neckties are up and ready to order (on sale!) for Father's Day and you can also order a custom-made Original Hoodie or Winter Hoodie.

For those of you who have been waiting for us to launch this part of, thank you SO much for your patience and continued enthusiasm. It's definitely what inspires us to keep snorfin' on every day. :-)