The Only Model in NYC Paid in Cookies

Yesterday, Enzo and I went with our production manager to a local factory where we hope to produce some of Snorf Industries' items. This is where the pattern and sample makers are working on streamlining and perfecting the previous designs for the BatHats and hoodies.

It was  pretty cool place. Lots of industrial machines, rolls and rolls of fabric, and everyone seemed pretty happy and into their work. 

Enzo was definitely curious about all the new sights and sounds. He was a very good boy during his fitting too. Luckily it's been cooler here in NYC, so he didn't resist too much when we put hats and hoodies on him for fittings. The factory's employees all had a good-natured laugh when they saw the items they'd made on an actual dog. 

Once the fitting process is done - making sure that size Medium Frenchie fits just right on Enzo, a pattern grader will develop all the other sizes based on that one perfected pattern. Once we have graded patterns, we can move towards production! Hooray!

As of now, we are on schedule for October! Our goal is to be in production around mid-to-late July and our custom Polartec fabrics are in the early stages of being manufactured. So many moving parts! But we're definitely looking good for fall... so your furbabies will be looking good for winter!