Logistical Not-Mare

Going into production for my first time, this has definitely been a learning experience. With October approaching faster and faster with each day, every minute counts. 

Right now the big challenge that I'm working on with my production manager is logistics. We finally settled on a family-run factory in Colombia to make 75% of our products for this first run. But that means getting collecting up all my fabric, getting it to an international freight forwarder in Miami, providing certificates of origin to offset some of the duties, and doing this all as quickly as possible. 

Right now, I have a big storage unit in North Bergen, NJ, holding a couple rolls of Polartec that will be needed for production. And then there's the three more rolls I'm ordering from a Polartec warehouse in New Hampshire. Oh! And the custom production of Polartec I'm having produced (as I write this) in Massachusetts. The custom run is pretty big, so I don't need to ship all of it to Colombia. This means some of that run will get shipped to my storage unit in NJ... and some of it will go to South America. Oh... and none of this includes Santa Hat fleece or pompoms...

If you haven't already gone cross-eyed reading this, congratulations. 

I'm also planning to produce raincoats with a factory in NJ (hooray!) and this just means even more fabric and logistics. And since I only offered the raincoats for the last few days of the Kickstarter campaign, I'm tempted to do an IndieGoGo campaign at the end of the summer... to let more people know that these coats ARE COMING! (hooray!)

As you may remember, I'm an advertising creative. Since logistics is hardly something I've had to manage throughout my career, my production manager has really been helping me with this. The trick is to get all the fabric to Miami around the end of July/early August... and then shipped all together to Colombia. Sometimes I want to throw my hands up in the air... but I have to remind myself that things will work themselves out.

The fabric will make it. I will stop losing sleep. And adorable ears will be warm and fuzzy come this winter.