September Production Update!

Fall is finally upon us. As the weather begins to cool down, things are definitely heating up in the world of Snorf. We're on the verge of going full-steam-ahead on production!

After months of creating patterns, re-doing patterns, and countless sample pieces sewn based on all these patterns, we're now having PP Samples made! PP samples are pre-production samples. They use all the materials that the final pieces will use, and cut them into all the appropriate sizes. 

Once I receive the PP samples, I will try them on fit models across all breeds. This is my chance to make sure that the patterns were graded appropriately for each size. 

If each piece is sized right and we don't need to make any corrections, then BOOM! ONTO PRODUCTION!! I really can't wait for this part. It's been so, so much work getting to this point. The day we give the green light to the factory will be a very good day. And it could happen in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Even with working on this around the clock, doing everything right, and following every necessary step to get these pieces ready for October, we may still be a little late. I was sooooo hoping not to become a statistic (in 2012, 84% of Kickstarter campaigns delivered late). Especially with the weather beginning to cool off, I know everyone will be anxious for their hats and hoodies. 

Right now, I would say that November is looking promising. I will try to get the Santa Hats done first so people can start staging their Xmas card photos as soon as possible. Is it possible that I could have everything in October? There's a slight chance, but I'd rather under-promise and over-deliver. :-)

For raincoats, timing is a little different. When I first posted raincoats to the Kickstarter, I thought "gee! Maybe I can sell 15-20, make them by hand, and it will help the Kickstarter campaign cross the finish line!"  Turns out the item was EXTREMELY popular, selling about 60 pieces, and I decided it was necessary to put it into production. Factory-made raincoats should hopefully come in November, but could be later. We're working out the details now. Custom-made pieces will trickle out starting this month, and will continue to trickle out through the end of the year. The raincoats are a bit more complicated to make by hand than the hoodies, hence the delay.

My apologies to everyone who really, really hoped and planned on having these pieces in October. I promise we are moving as quickly as we can without compromising the quality of our products! Thanks so much for your support and patience, you guys are really the best customers a gal could ask for.