New Hoodie Production in Full Swing!

Yesssss... HOODIES! As promised, I'm keeping you all updated about our progress with producing our hoodies. I'm really pleased to say that everything appears to be going smoothly and (fingers crossed), everything will be complete by mid-March. Possibly sooner.

Pattern markers are laid out over fabric to get the best yield from the fabric.

Pattern markers are laid out over fabric to get the best yield from the fabric.

Ever since the disastrous December hoodie production, I knew I couldn't let this happen again.  This time around, I'm working with two small factories here in the US (hooray! Made in USA!). One is in New Hampshire. They have lots of experience working with Polartec fleece (they are only a few miles to the fabric mill, after all!) and also have experience making pet products. 

The other factory is a family-owned operation in Brooklyn. They're handling the bulk of the production, and luckily I can drop in there to help oversee production. The photo to the right is of piles of cut fabric for the Original BatHat Hoodies


WHEN WILL THEY BE DONE?  As of right now, I'm predicting that the solid black Original BatHat hoodies will be ready to ship in the next week or two. The rest of the other hoodies will likely be finished by mid-March. The reason there are different timelines for different colors is because I've split my purchase order across two factories.

Lots of Cut Pieces for Original BatHat Hoodies!

As soon as hoodies are completed and checked by quality control, I will begin to ship them out. Colors and sizes that aren't already sold out will listed on and in our Etsy shop.

I realize that these hoodies are coming to you 4-5 months behind schedule. And for that, I can't apologize enough. Getting a new production off the ground in two months has truly been a miracle... and the factories I'm working with really pay attention to quality. I think you guys will really be happy with the final results.  

Thanks so much for hanging in there! Adorable, super-premium, cozy hoodies will be coming your way very soon!!