New Hoodies are Starting to Arrive!

Finally! After all our production issues, it feels so good to say: HOODIES ARE ARRIVING!! We got our first batch of Original BatHat Hoodies (lightweight) in Black. And they are shipping now. (Click here to get yours!)

More colors will be arriving over the next couple of weeks. For lightweight Original BatHat Hoodies, we'll also have Red and Aqua available. Both are made with SUPER snuggly Polartec 100. Great for spring and chilly air-conditioned homes! (Note: Red will be available in a very limited supply!)

For our classic Winter BatHat Hoodie, three color combos are coming your way: Blueplum/Corsage, Black/Red, and Navy/Turquoise. Even though they're technically Winter-weight, we know Frenchies who like to wear theirs all year long. 



Well, the last time we listed our hoodies for Fall Pre-Orders, our production was botched and we had lots of back-peddling to do.  We truly do believe these are being made correctly -- as we've seen the production progress first-hand this time. However, we will only be listing products that are in our hands and checked for quality first. 

We just want to guarantee that you guys are getting the best product possible, in a timely fashion. 

Check back again soon for more updates! We can't wait to get shipping!


Original BatHat Hoodies in Black, on sale now!

Stacks of neatly-cut pieces, ready for assembly!

Hoodie backs with pockets sewn nice-and-neat!