Twinsies: the First Documented Identical Twin Dogs Born in South Africa

Photo Credit: Kurt de Cramer

What's cuter than one puppy? TWIN PUPPIES!!

Turns out, no one in veterinary history has ever recorded the live birth of two identical twin puppies. In this case, two Irish Wolfhound pups were born by C-Section when their mother was showing signs of distress during the birthing process.

Up until now, the only species that have given birth to identical twins are humans and armadillos. Identical twins have been seen in other species, like horses, but both twins have never survived.

These babies survived in utero and the c-section, and today are playing like champs. Aside from having almost identical markings, the vet's genetic test confirmed that they are indeed identical twins.

See all the adorable photos in the link below.

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