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Nothing fits better than a custom-fit BatHat™ Hoodie!

Made with cozy Polartec® fleece, choose from lightweight 100 (great for fall, spring, and around the house) or heavyweight 200 (perfect for winter and even playing in the snow). Made here in the US, these fabrics are used by super-premium outdoor wear brands -- and hold up extremely well in the wash. Plus, they're super soft and snuggly -- we've heard many owners say their dogs don't want to take it off after coming in from outside! 

With accurate measurements, we're able to get your dog the perfect fit -- using our own special algorithm to calculate dimensions. (This is why taking ACCURATE measurements is so important for custom items! Please check out our sizing video at the bottom of this page.)

Each hoodie has a cute pocket just above the rump, an optional opening for attaching a harness, and our signature BatHat™ hood. 

Hoodies come available with classic hoods (no ear pockets), upright ears (BatEars), or folded ears (Tulip Ears). If your dog has one ear up and one ear down, you can even request to have one BatEar, one Tulip Ear — just be sure to indicate which ear stands erect! (left or right is based on the dog’s point of view)

When selecting your main and accent colors, please do NOT mix fabric weights (heavyweight and lightweight). If you don't see a color you want, we can probably get it! Feel free to email us before submitting your form if you don't see your favorite colors available.



Getting accurate measurements is really easy. Please take the time to watch our video and check out our instructional infographics -- custom coats are non-returnable if you take incorrect measurements! So, it's totally worth taking a few minutes for just the right measurements! CLICK HERE for our easy sizing guide.


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