When my Hildy was diagnosed with kidney failure as a puppy, I knew her life (and mine) would not get any easier. I deeply understand the struggle to keep a sick dog alive, comfortable, and happy. 

This is why Snorf Industries has been giving back 5% of its net profits to rescue charities since day one. 

Even though we’re still a small company, we do what we can to make life a little better, more comfortable, and happier for dogs in need.



Donation Spotlight

Jenna Teti, of Jenna Teti Dog Training in Jersey City, didn’t even realize Snorf Industries was based just a few blocks from her home. After getting a BatHat Sport for her Reuben, she immediately wanted to make a hat donation to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. After getting a list of enthusiastic fosters with FBRN, I worked with Jenna to turn her four-hat donation into six hats. 

We shipped the hats to rescue Frenchies across the US and Canada who lived in especially cold climates and had chronic diseases. 

Lakota, a sweet Frenchie girl being fostered in Missouri, had lost most of her fur to an untreated case of Cushing’s Disease. Now, with her BatHat Hoodie (from a family friend) and her BatHat Sport (from Jenna), she never shivers after bathtime. 

If you want to make a donation to dogs in need, feel free to reach out to us. We can even get your donation to fosters who need coats and hats. 



eBay Charity Auctions

Since the sole purpose of auctions is to competitively drive the price up on an item for sale, we feel the only real use we have for this kind of thing is charity. 

We have already held a couple Charity Auctions, and will resume them later in the spring/early summer. Each week we hold an auction, we offer two items for a little less than the normal list price. Those two items are offered on behalf of a rescue charity. Every dollar raised above the starting price will go to the charity. So, be sure to tell all your members and followers to bid bid bid! 

We'll announce upcoming auctions online. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop! Our auctions are listed here, on our eBay page. 

If you would like to be a featured rescue charity on one of our eBay Charity Auctions, please email us at outreach@snorfindustries.com