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Kickstarter campaign aims to raise money to begin production of products that protect French Bulldogs from frostbite.



JERSEY CITY, NJ, USA — On Tuesday, February 24 at 9PM EST, Snorf Industries will launch the most adorable Kickstarter campaign in the history of the crowdfunding website. Snorf Industries, makers of premium and custom apparel for French Bulldogs, is gearing up for production of their patent-pending design for hats and hoodies that protect dogs’ delicate ears from frostbite and other hazards.  With a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, the company will begin manufacturing its Polartec® hats and hoodies for the masses — with new breed-specific sizes for English Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers.


Veterinarian Dr. Mary Altomare DVM says, “Unlike Huskies, French Bulldogs have very short hair on their ears. There’s nothing really protecting them from the elements. And since their ears are meant to cool them down, exposure to cold absolutely brings down their core body temperature.” She likes the BatHat because “it addresses the issue not only for general warmth and comfort, but also the problem of cold extremities. There are copious products geared towards winter on the market, however none keep the ear pinnas (tips) safe from cold weather while allowing stay erect in their natural form.”


The company’s owner, Dara Moss, is a copywriter in advertising by trade— having worked at many of the world’s top ad agencies. She began Snorf Industries as a passion project at the end of 2013. The buzz around early 2014’s “Polar Vortex” inspired the invention of the Original BatHat™, the company’s signature product. Upon trying the hat on her French Bulldog Enzo in those arctic temperatures, she found it actually worked. She made it available in her Etsy shop and immediately received several orders for the item.


“I never thought I’d leave my job in advertising to make hats for dogs,” jokes founder, Dara Moss. “However, this has been an incredible journey. I have so much respect for small business owners. When our sales jumped over 700% in a matter of months, I learned how much work really goes into creating something of your own. And it’s taken a small army of friends and family to make Snorf Industries possible. It’s been a truly humbling experience.”


Now with a non-provisional utility patent pending for the BatHat™ hats and hoodies, Snorf Industries hopes it finds success in this campaign — but not just for fiscal reasons. The company has been donating to rescue charities since its inception, and hopes to continue this well into the future. This fall, Snorf Industries partnered with Jenna Teti Dog Training to donate a number of BatHats™ to foster and hospice dogs with chronic illnesses. FBRN recently endorsed the BatHat™ to help protect French Bulldogs’ bat-ears from frostbite.


The Kickstarter campaign’s rewards will be offering significant discounts from the handmade versions of the same products. The campaign will offer Original BatHats™, BatHat™ Sports, Santa BatHats™, Original BatHat™ Hoodies, and Winter BatHat™ hoodies for all four aforementioned breeds, as well as two unique T-shirt designs in Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ sizes. The company only needs to raise $18,000 to begin manufacturing, but raising more would mean offering a wider range of colors to pledgers and consumers.


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The BatHat™ Sport for French Bulldogs and other breeds with bat-ears, from Snorf Industries. 

The Winter BatHat™ Sport for English Bulldogs, from Snorf Industries.